πŸ“’ Author : Martin Crotty
πŸ“’ Publisher : UNSW Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2009
πŸ“’ Pages : 302
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781921410567
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : History

SYNOPSIS : "Following on from the successful Great Mistakes in Australian History, Turning Points shows us key moments, serious decisions, random coincidences that really did change the course of history. Seventeen of Australia's leading historians prompt us to see history differently, in a challenging and engaging way."--Provided by publisher.

πŸ“’ Author : Yvonna S. Lincoln
πŸ“’ Publisher : Rowman Altamira
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2003-01-01
πŸ“’ Pages : 496
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0759103488
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Social Science

SYNOPSIS : Reader outlining key developments in the recent history of interpretive social science methods.

πŸ“’ Author : Mark A. Noll
πŸ“’ Publisher : Baker Books
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2012-07-01
πŸ“’ Pages : 368
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781441238801
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Religion

SYNOPSIS : In this popular introduction to church history, now in its third edition, Mark Noll isolates key events that provide a framework for understanding the history of Christianity. The book presents Christianity as a worldwide phenomenon rather than just a Western experience. Now organized around fourteen key moments in church history, this well-received text provides contemporary Christians with a fuller understanding of God as he has revealed his purpose through the centuries. This new edition includes a new preface; updates throughout the book; revised "further readings" for each chapter; and two new chapters, including one spotlighting Vatican II and Lausanne as turning points of the recent past. Students in academic settings and church adult education contexts will benefit from this one-semester survey of Christian history.

πŸ“’ Author : Q. Edward Wang
πŸ“’ Publisher : Boydell & Brewer
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2002
πŸ“’ Pages : 362
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781580460972
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : History

SYNOPSIS : An examination of how historical thinking has changed in recent years, through a comparison between Eastern and Western epochs.

πŸ“’ Author : James A. Rawley
πŸ“’ Publisher : U of Nebraska Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1989
πŸ“’ Pages : 230
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0803289359
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : History

SYNOPSIS : James A. Rawley examines the seven turning points of the Civil War: the course of the slaveholding borderland in 1861, First Bull Run, the Trent affair, Antietam, the Emancipation Proclamation, Gettysburg and Vicksburg, and the presidential election of 1864. Among the topic unifying his book are slavery, democracy, British policy, military organization and progress, and the roles of Lincoln, McClellan, Davis, and Lee. The afterword looks at the Civil War itself as a turning point in American history. In a preface to this Bison Book editin, James A. Rawley, considers recent books that sustain the idea of turning points during the Civil War.

πŸ“’ Author : Paul Moon
πŸ“’ Publisher :
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2013
πŸ“’ Pages : 264
πŸ“’ ISBN : 1869663799
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : New Zealand

SYNOPSIS : "Historian Paul Moon has chosen 20 events that have shaped the course of New Zealand history over the years. The events are described and illustrated with photographs drawn from the archives, and Moon outlines how New Zealand history has changed as a result"--Publisher's information.

πŸ“’ Author : Victor H. Matthews
πŸ“’ Publisher : Baker Academic
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2005-11-01
πŸ“’ Pages : 208
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9780801027741
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Religion

SYNOPSIS : Well-respected Old Testament professor Victor Matthews identifies eight landmark stories that shaped Israel's identity.

πŸ“’ Author : Hardy Grant
πŸ“’ Publisher : BirkhΓ€user
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2016-04-15
πŸ“’ Pages : 109
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781493932641
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Mathematics

SYNOPSIS : This book explores some of the major turning points in the history of mathematics, ranging from ancient Greece to the present, demonstrating the drama that has often been a part of its evolution. Studying these breakthroughs, transitions, and revolutions, their stumbling-blocks and their triumphs, can help illuminate the importance of the history of mathematics for its teaching, learning, and appreciation. Some of the turning points considered are the rise of the axiomatic method (most famously in Euclid), and the subsequent major changes in it (for example, by David Hilbert); the β€œwedding,” via analytic geometry, of algebra and geometry; the β€œtaming” of the infinitely small and the infinitely large; the passages from algebra to algebras, from geometry to geometries, and from arithmetic to arithmetics; and the revolutions in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that resulted from Georg Cantor’s creation of transfinite set theory. The origin of each turning point is discussed, along with the mathematicians involved and some of the mathematics that resulted. Problems and projects are included in each chapter to extend and increase understanding of the material. Substantial reference lists are also provided. Turning Points in the History of Mathematics will be a valuable resource for teachers of, and students in, courses in mathematics or its history. The book should also be of interest to anyone with a background in mathematics who wishes to learn more about the important moments in its development.

πŸ“’ Author : Sebastian Cox
πŸ“’ Publisher : Routledge
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2013-11-05
πŸ“’ Pages : 382
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781135316051
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : History

SYNOPSIS : he 20th century saw air power transformed from novelists' fantasy into stark reality. From string and canvas to precision weaponry and stealth, air power has progressed to become not only the weapon of first political choice, but often the only conceivable option. This rapid development has given rise to considerable debate and controversy with those holding entrenched views rarely slow to shout their case. Many myths have grown over the period, ranging from the once much vaunted ability of air power to win wars alone through to its impact as a coercive tool. This volume examines the theory and practice of air power from its earliest inception. The contributors have been drawn from academia and the military and represent some of the world's leading proponents on the subject. All significant eras on air power employment are examined: some are evidently turning points, while others represent continuous development. Perhaps more importantly, the book highlights the areas that could be considered to be significant, and invites the reader to enter the debate as to whether it constitutes a continuum, a turning point, or indeed a revolution.

πŸ“’ Author : Lynn Abbey
πŸ“’ Publisher : Macmillan
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2003-12-07
πŸ“’ Pages : 320
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781429970013
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Fiction

SYNOPSIS : New Stories by Raymond E. Feist, Dennis L. McKiernan, and others Empires rise and fall, but Sanctuary lives on! Sanctuary, a lawless city governed by evil forces, powerful magic, and political intrigue. The Age of the Rankin reign of Kadakithis, the occupation of the Beysib, and indeed the erstwhile Renaissance are all in the past. It is years later and the legendary figures of Jubal, Tempus, Shadowspawn, and the Stormchildren are now just memories, myth, and rumor. But the city and its people live on. A new pantheon of personalities have moved in and are making their mark on this dark and dangerous city. Meet these denizens of the city where just surviving is a full-time occupation. Meet Halott the Necromancer, Latillaβ€”daughter of the legendary artist Lalo the Limmer, Dysan the short and scrappy thief, Jake the rat, and a host of others. Return to Sanctuary and let the games begin! At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.