πŸ“’ Author : Paul Johnson
πŸ“’ Publisher : Harper Collins
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2009-06-30
πŸ“’ Pages : 1104
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0061952133
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : History

SYNOPSIS : The prize winning classic work on the post Civil War period which wrenched American society, now with a new introduction by the author. "The creation of the United States of America is the greatest of all human adventures," begins Paul Johnson’s remarkable new American history. "No other national story holds such tremendous lessons, for the American people themselves and for the rest of mankind." Johnson’s history is a reinterpretation of American history from the first settlements to the Clinton administration. It covers every aspect of U.S. historyβ€”politics; business and economics; art, literature and science; society and customs; complex traditions and religious beliefs. The story is told in terms of the men and women who shaped and led the nation and the ordinary people who collectively created its unique character. Wherever possible, letters, diaries, and recorded conversations are used to ensure a sense of actuality. "The book has new and often trenchant things to say about every aspect and period of America’s past," says Johnson, "and I do not seek, as some historians do, to conceal my opinions." This is an in-depth portrait of a great people, from their fragile origins through their struggles for independence and nationhood, their heroic efforts and sacrifices to deal with the 'organic sin’ of slavery and the preservation of the Union to its explosive economic growth and emergence as a world power and its sole superpower. Johnson discusses such contemporary topics as the politics of racism, education, Vietnam, the power of the press, political correctness, the growth of litigation, and the rising influence of women. He sees Americans as a problem-solving people and the story of America as "essentially one of difficulties being overcome by intelligence and skill, by faith and strength of purpose, by courage and persistence... Looking back on its past, and forward to its future, the auguries are that it will not disappoint humanity." This challenging narrative and interpretation of American history by the author of many distinguished historical works is sometimes controversial and always provocative. Johnson’s views of individuals, events, themes, and issues are original, critical, and admiring, for he is, above all, a strong believer in the history and the destiny of the American people.

πŸ“’ Author : H. Roger Grant
πŸ“’ Publisher : Indiana University Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2012
πŸ“’ Pages : 309
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9780253006332
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Transportation

SYNOPSIS : Looks at the impact and importance of railroads and railroad travel on cities and towns throughout the United States, from 1830 through 1930.

πŸ“’ Author : Larry Kramer
πŸ“’ Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2015-04-07
πŸ“’ Pages : 800
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9780374712976
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Fiction

SYNOPSIS : The long-awaited new novel by America's master playwright and activistβ€”a radical reimagining of our history and our hopes and fears Forty years in the making, The American People embodies Larry Kramer's vision of his beloved and accursed homeland. As the founder of ACT UP and the author of Faggots and The Normal Heart, Kramer has decisively affected American lives and letters. Here, as only he can, he tells the heartbreaking and heroic story of one nation under a plague, contaminated by greed, hate, and disease yet host to transcendent acts of courage and kindness. In this magisterial novel's sweeping first volume, which runs up to the 1950s, we meet prehistoric monkeys who spread a peculiar virus, a Native American shaman whose sexual explorations mutate into occult visions, and early English settlers who live as loving same-sex couples only to fall victim to the forces of bigotry. George Washington and Alexander Hamilton revel in unexpected intimacies, and John Wilkes Booth's motives for assassinating Abraham Lincoln are thoroughly revised. In the twentieth century, the nightmare of history deepens as a religious sect conspires with eugenicists, McCarthyites, and Ivy Leaguers to exterminate homosexuals, and the AIDS virus begins to spread. Against all this, Kramer sets the tender story of a middle-class family outside Washington, D.C., trying to get along in the darkest of times. The American People is a work of ribald satire, prophetic anger, and dazzling imagination. It is an encyclopedic indictment written with outrageous love.

πŸ“’ Author : Sydney E. Ahlstrom
πŸ“’ Publisher : Yale University Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2004
πŸ“’ Pages : 1192
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0300100124
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : History

SYNOPSIS : This classic work, winner of the 1973 National Book Award in Philosophy and Religion and Christian Century’s choice as the Religious Book of the Decade (1979), is now issued with a new chapter by noted religious historian David Hall, who carries the story of American religious history forward to the present day. Praise for the earlier edition: "An unusual and praiseworthy book. . . . It takes a modern, almost anthropological view of history, in which worship is a part of a web of culture along with play, love, dress, and language.”--B.A. Weisberger, Washington Post Book World "The most detailed, most polished of the works in its tradition.”--Martin E. Marty, New York Times Book Review "An intellectual delight that one does not so much read as savor.”--America "The definitive one-volume study by the leading authority.”--Christianity Today "No one writing or thinking hereafter about America’s past will be able to ignore Ahlstrom’s magisterial account of the religious element.”--American Historical Review

πŸ“’ Author : Hazel Felleman
πŸ“’ Publisher : Doubleday Books
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1936
πŸ“’ Pages : 670
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9780385000192
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Poetry

SYNOPSIS : Collection of the most popular American poems grouped by subject including Love and friendship, Inspiration, and Faith and reverence

πŸ“’ Author : Jon Butler
πŸ“’ Publisher : Harvard University Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1990
πŸ“’ Pages : 360
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0674056019
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : History

SYNOPSIS : Challenging the formidable tradition that places early New England Puritanism at the center of the American religious experience, Yale historian Jon Butler offers a new interpretation of three hundred years of religious and cultural development. Butler stresses the instability of religion in Europe where state churches battled dissenters, magic, and astonishingly low church participation. He charts the transfer of these difficulties to America, including the failure of Puritan religious models, and describes the surprising advance of religious commitment there between 1700 and 1865. Through the assertion of authority and coercion, a remarkable sacralization of the prerevolutionary countryside, advancing religious pluralism, the folklorization of magic, and an eclectic, syncretistic emphasis on supernatural interventionism, including miracles, America emerged after 1800 as an extraordinary spiritual hothouse that far eclipsed the Puritan achievement--even as secularism triumphed in Europe. Awash in a Sea of Faith ranges from popular piety to magic, from anxious revolutionary war chaplains to the cool rationalism of James Madison, from divining rods and seer stones to Anglican and Unitarian elites, and from Virginia Anglican occultists and Presbyterians raised from the dead to Jonathan Edwards, Joseph Smith, and Abraham Lincoln. Butler deftly comes to terms with conventional themes such as Puritanism, witchcraft, religion and revolution, revivalism, millenarianism, and Mormonism. His elucidation of Christianity's powerful role in shaping slavery and of a subsequent African spiritual "holocaust," with its ironic result in African Christianization, is an especially fresh and incisive account. Awash in a Sea of Faith reveals the proliferation of American religious expression--not its decline--and stresses the creative tensions between pulpit and pew across three hundred years of social maturation. Striking in its breadth and deeply rooted in primary sources, this seminal book recasts the landscape of American religious and cultural history.

πŸ“’ Author : Friedrich von Raumer
πŸ“’ Publisher :
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1846
πŸ“’ Pages : 512
πŸ“’ ISBN : STANFORD:36105036998792
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : United States


πŸ“’ Author : John W. Whitehead
πŸ“’ Publisher : Select Books (NY)
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2015
πŸ“’ Pages : 352
πŸ“’ ISBN : 1590793099
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Political Science

SYNOPSIS : "Author paints a portrait of an evolving American police state as police authority expands into extensions of the military, and government's intrusions undermine basic freedoms guaranteed to American citizens under the Constitution, turning Americans into enemy combatants who are spied upon, raided, manhandled, silenced, locked up, shot at, and denied due process of the law"--

πŸ“’ Author : Helen Zia
πŸ“’ Publisher : Macmillan
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2001-05-15
πŸ“’ Pages : 368
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0374527369
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Social Science

SYNOPSIS : An account of the emergence of the Asian American consciousness in the United States explores the history that led to disparate groups of Asians seeing themselves as a single, cohesive ethnic community with political power.

πŸ“’ Author : Jon D. Miller
πŸ“’ Publisher : Elsevier
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2013-10-22
πŸ“’ Pages : 166
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781483158693
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Political Science

SYNOPSIS : The American People and Science Policy: The Role of Public Attitudes in the Policy Process examines and evaluates the structure and efficacy of public participation in the formulation of science policy in the United States. Organized into 10 chapters, this book first reviews major science policy issues in the 20th century. This text then introduces a stratified model of public policy formulation that appears to fit science policy. The public participation in science policy is also explained. Other chapters explore the science policy agenda; attitudes of both policy leaders and the attentive public on resource and independence issues; and the future of public participation in science policy. Lastly, the formulation of science policy in a democratic society is addressed. This book will be useful for professional students engaged in this field of interest.