πŸ“’ Author : Simon Sinek
πŸ“’ Publisher : Penguin
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2009-10-29
πŸ“’ Pages : 256
πŸ“’ ISBN : 1101149035
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Business & Economics

SYNOPSIS : The inspiring, life-changing bestseller by the author of LEADERS EAT LAST and TOGETHER IS BETTER. In 2009, Simon Sinek started a movement to help people become more inspired at work, and in turn inspire their colleagues and customers. Since then, millions have been touched by the power of his ideas, including more than 28 million who’ve watched his TED Talk based on START WITH WHY -- the third most popular TED video of all time. Sinek starts with a fundamental question: Why are some people and organizations more innovative, more influential, and more profitable than others? Why do some command greater loyalty from customers and employees alike? Even among the successful, why are so few able to repeat their success over and over? People like Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, and the Wright Brothers had little in common, but they all started with WHY. They realized that people won't truly buy into a product, service, movement, or idea until they understand the WHY behind it. START WITH WHY shows that the leaders who've had the greatest influence in the world all think, act, and communicate the same way -- and it's the opposite of what everyone else does. Sinek calls this powerful idea The Golden Circle, and it provides a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired. And it all starts with WHY.

πŸ“’ Author : Dan Senor
πŸ“’ Publisher : Twelve
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2011-09-07
πŸ“’ Pages : 336
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781455503469
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Business & Economics

SYNOPSIS : START-UP NATION addresses the trillion dollar question: How is it that Israel-- a country of 7.1 million, only 60 years old, surrounded by enemies, in a constant state of war since its founding, with no natural resources-- produces more start-up companies than large, peaceful, and stable nations like Japan, China, India, Korea, Canada and the UK? With the savvy of foreign policy insiders, Senor and Singer examine the lessons of the country's adversity-driven culture, which flattens hierarchy and elevates informality-- all backed up by government policies focused on innovation. In a world where economies as diverse as Ireland, Singapore and Dubai have tried to re-create the "Israel effect", there are entrepreneurial lessons well worth noting. As America reboots its own economy and can-do spirit, there's never been a better time to look at this remarkable and resilient nation for some impressive, surprising clues.

πŸ“’ Author : Leonard A. Schlesinger
πŸ“’ Publisher : Harvard Business Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2012
πŸ“’ Pages : 196
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781422143612
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Business & Economics

SYNOPSIS : Outlines a path to success based on creativity and problem solving despite the changing economic clmate and future uncertainty.

πŸ“’ Author : Neil Gershenfeld
πŸ“’ Publisher : Henry Holt and Company
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2014-06-10
πŸ“’ Pages : 225
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781466873520
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Computers

SYNOPSIS : This is a book for people who want to know what the future is going to look like and for people who want to know how to create the future. Gershenfeld offers a glimpse at the brave new post-computerized world, where microchips work for us instead of against us. He argues that we waste the potential of the microchip when we confine it to a box on our desk: the real electronic revolution will come when computers have all but disappeared into the walls around us. Imagine a digital book that looks like a traditional book printed on paper and is pleasant to read in bed but has all the mutability of a screen display. How about a personal fabricator that can organize digitized atoms into anything you want, or a musical keyboard that can be woven into a denim jacket? In When Things Start to Think, Gershenfeld tells the story of his Things that Think group at MIT's Media Lab, the group of innovative scientists and researchers dedicated to integrating digital technology into the fabric of our lives.

πŸ“’ Author : Dale Carnegie
πŸ“’ Publisher : Simon and Schuster
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2004-10-05
πŸ“’ Pages : 298
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0671035975
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Psychology

SYNOPSIS : The first trade paperback edition of the classic guide to conquering the fears and worries that prevent individuals from living full and happy lives offers practical advice on how to eliminate business and financial anxieties, turn criticism into an advantage, avoid fatigue, and more. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

πŸ“’ Author : Donald Woods Winnicott
πŸ“’ Publisher : W. W. Norton & Company
πŸ“’ Release Date : 1990
πŸ“’ Pages : 287
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0393306674
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Psychology

SYNOPSIS : One of the most gifted and creative psychoanalysts of his generation, D. W. Winnicott made lasting contributions to our understanding of the minds of children. His ideas have influenced the diverse pyschoanalytic schools of Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, and Hans Kohut. But his reach extends far beyond professional circles: his talks to general audiences over the years won him enormous numbers of followers among parents and teachers who have found his obervations rich in penetrating insight. This collection brings together many of Winnicott's most important pieces, including previously unpublished talks and several essays from books and journals now difficult to obtain. They range widely in topic--from "The Concept of a Healthy Individual" and "The Value of Depression" to "Delinquency as a Sign of Hope"--and elucidate some of Winnicott's seminal ideas, such as the "transitional object" and the concept of false self. All convey Winnicott's vision of the ways in which the developing self interacts with the family and the larger society.

πŸ“’ Author : Simon Reynolds
πŸ“’ Publisher : Penguin
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2005
πŸ“’ Pages : 416
πŸ“’ ISBN : 0143036726
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Music

SYNOPSIS : Explores the inventive and innovative music created in the years following the heyday of punk, looking at the contributions of such bands as Talking Heads, Devo, Joy Division, and Gang of Four to the evolution of modern music.

πŸ“’ Author : Sally J. Rogers
πŸ“’ Publisher : Guilford Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2010-01-01
πŸ“’ Pages : 297
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781606236321
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Psychology

SYNOPSIS : Supported by the principles of developmental psychology and applied behavior analysis, ESDM's intensive teaching interventions are delivered within play-based, relationship-focused routines. The manual provides structured, hands-on strategies for working with very young children in individual and group settings to promote development in such key domains as imitation; communication; social, cognitive, and motor skills; adaptive behavior; and play. --from publisher description

πŸ“’ Author : Doug Werner
πŸ“’ Publisher : Tracks Publishing
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2010-07-01
πŸ“’ Pages : 160
πŸ“’ ISBN : 9781884654763
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Sports & Recreation

SYNOPSIS : A golfing resource with 100 photos covers getting started, equipment, official rules and the history of the sport and includes a firsthand account of learning the game, as well as a glossary of important terms. By the author of Fencer's Start-Up: A Beginner's Guide to Fencing. Second Edition. Original.

πŸ“’ Author : Damon James
πŸ“’ Publisher : Pascal Press
πŸ“’ Release Date : 2007
πŸ“’ Pages : 155
πŸ“’ ISBN : 1741252644
πŸ“’ Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
πŸ“’ Category : Mathematics

SYNOPSIS : "The Excel series of Start Up Maths for Years 3 -7 have been specifically designed to be used as classroom or homework books in order to assist students, teachers and parents with their understanding of mathematics. Each book in the series covers the yearΚΎs work in detail. Innovative features provide an integrated and supportive approach to learning. All units of work, review tests and Start Up sections are interrelated and cross-referenced to each other"--Publisher's website.