📒Intelligent Music Teaching ✍ Robert A. Duke

♠Book Title : Intelligent Music Teaching
✍Author : Robert A. Duke
♛Publisher : Ingram
♣Release Date : 2005
✿Pages : 178
♠ISBN : 0977113906
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝Intelligent Music Teaching SYNOPSIS : In this collection of essays, the author describes fundamental principles of human learning in the context of teaching music. Written in a conversational style, the individual essays outline the elements of intelligent, creative teaching. Duke effectively explains how teachers can meet the needs of individual students from a wide range of abilities by understanding more deeply how people learn. Teachers and interested parents alike will benefit from this informative book.

♠Book Title : Lecture Notes in Real Time Intelligent Systems
✍Author : Jolanta Mizera-Pietraszko
♛Publisher : Springer
♣Release Date : 2017-08-07
✿Pages : 508
♠ISBN : 9783319607443
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝Lecture Notes in Real Time Intelligent Systems SYNOPSIS : Intelligent computing refers greatly to artificial intelligence with the aim at making computer to act as a human. This newly developed area of real-time intelligent computing integrates the aspect of dynamic environments with the human intelligence. This book presents a comprehensive practical and easy to read account which describes current state-of-the art in designing and implementing real-time intelligent computing to robotics, alert systems, IoT, remote access control, multi-agent systems, networking, mobile smart systems, crowd sourcing, broadband systems, cloud computing, streaming data and many other applications areas. The solutions discussed in this book will encourage the researchers and IT professional to put the methods into their practice.

♠Book Title : Introduction to Effective Music Teaching
✍Author : Alfred S. Townsend
♛Publisher : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
♣Release Date : 2011-10-16
✿Pages : 216
♠ISBN : 9781442209473
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝Introduction to Effective Music Teaching SYNOPSIS : An Introduction to Effective Music Teaching provides the prospective teacher with front-line tested strategies and approaches that are based on current research and the author's experience. With an open and accessible writing style, Townsend reviews the components of effective teaching and guides the reader in constructing a personal, practical philosophy of music teaching and learning.

♠Book Title : Constructing a Personal Orientation to Music Teaching
✍Author : Mark Robin Campbell
♛Publisher : Routledge
♣Release Date : 2010-09-13
✿Pages : 208
♠ISBN : 9781136950858
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝Constructing a Personal Orientation to Music Teaching SYNOPSIS : Constructing a Personal Orientation to Music Teaching promotes inquiry and reflection to facilitate teacher growth, lifelong learning and a disposition toward educational change. Strongly grounded in current theories and research in teacher education, the text engages readers in analyzing their own experiences in order to conceptualize the complexity of teaching; involves them in clarifying their reasons for seeking a career in teaching; supports their insights, questions, and reflections about their work; and promotes a reflective, critical attitude about schools in general as teachers are urged to think of themselves as change agents in school settings.

📒The Savvy Music Teacher ✍ David Cutler

♠Book Title : The Savvy Music Teacher
✍Author : David Cutler
♛Publisher : Oxford University Press
♣Release Date : 2015-09-15
✿Pages : 414
♠ISBN : 9780190200817
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝The Savvy Music Teacher SYNOPSIS : Is it possible to have a music teaching career that is meaningful, artistically fulfilling, and financially self-supporting? The Savvy Music Teacher unveils a clear, realistic, dollar-for-dollar blueprint for earning a steady income as a music teacher, increasing impact and income simultaneously. This comprehensive resource reveals an entrepreneurial process with lessons that cannot be found anywhere else. Armed with Cutler's expert guidance, readers will learn to develop: · A thriving studio with a transformative curriculum · Multiple income/impact streams · Innovation strategies for every aspect of business and art · Powerhouse marketing · Time management skills · Financial literacy and independence · An inspired career outlook A must-read for music students, aspiring studio owners, early career instructors, and established gurus, The Savvy Music Teacher is packed with actionable advice written in accessible language. Real-life experiences from successful teacher-entrepreneurs are featured throughout.

📒Including Everyone ✍ Judith Jellison

♠Book Title : Including Everyone
✍Author : Judith Jellison
♛Publisher : Oxford University Press
♣Release Date : 2015-02-03
✿Pages : 272
♠ISBN : 9780190266554
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝Including Everyone SYNOPSIS : Many practical books for music educators who work with special needs students focus on students' disabilities, rather than on the inclusive classroom more generally. In Including Everyone: Creating Music Classrooms Where All Children Learn, veteran teacher and pedagogue Judith Jellison offers a new approach that identifies broader principles of inclusive music instruction writ large. As she demonstrates in this aptly-titled book, the perceived impediments to successfully including the wide diversity of children in schools in meaningful music instruction often stem not from insurmountable obstacles but from a lack of imagination. How do teachers and parents create diverse musical communities in which all children develop skills, deepen understanding, and cultivate independence in a culture of accomplishment and joy? Including Everyone equips music teachers with five principles of effective instruction for mixed special needs / traditional settings that are applicable in both classroom and rehearsal rooms alike. These five guidelines lay out Jellison's argument for a new way to teach music that shifts attention away from thinking of children in terms of symptoms. The effective teacher, argues Jellison, will strive to offer a curriculum that will not only allow the child with a disability to be more successful, but will also apply to and improve instruction for typically developing students. In this compelling new book, Judith Jellison illustrates what it takes to imagine, create, and realize possibilities for all children in ways that inspire parents, teachers, and the children themselves to take part in collaborative music making. Her book helps readers recognize how this most central component of human culture is one that allows everyone to participate, learn, and grow. Jellison is a leader in her field, and the wealth of knowledge she makes available in this book is extensive and valuable. It should aid her peers and inspire a new generation of student teachers.

📒From The Stage To The Studio ✍ Cornelia Watkins

♠Book Title : From the Stage to the Studio
✍Author : Cornelia Watkins
♛Publisher : Oxford University Press
♣Release Date : 2012-04-30
✿Pages : 320
♠ISBN : 9780199911479
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝From the Stage to the Studio SYNOPSIS : "The fact is, you will teach." from the Foreword by Stephen Clapp, Dean Emeritus, The Julliard School. Whether serving on the faculty at a university, maintaining a class of private students, or fulfilling an invitation as guest artist in a master class series, virtually all musicians will teach during their careers. From the Stage to the Studio speaks directly to the performing musician, highlighting the significant advantages of becoming distinguished both as a performer and a pedagogue. Drawing on over sixty years of combined experience, authors Cornelia Watkins and Laurie Scott provide the guidance and information necessary for any musician to translate his or her individual approach into productive and rewarding teacher-student interactions. Premised on the synergistic relationship between teaching and performing, this book provides a structure for clarifying the essential elements of musical artistry, and connects them to such tangible situations as setting up a studio, teaching a master class, interviewing for a job, judging competitions, and recruiting students. From the Stage to the Studio serves as an essential resource for university studio faculty, music pedagogy teachers, college music majors, and professionals looking to add effective teaching to their artistic repertoire.

♠Book Title : Intelligent Music Information Systems Tools and Methodologies
✍Author : Shen, Jialie
♛Publisher : IGI Global
♣Release Date : 2007-08-31
✿Pages : 380
♠ISBN : 9781599046655
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝Intelligent Music Information Systems Tools and Methodologies SYNOPSIS : Modern technology and the development of user-centric applications have grown to encompass many of our everyday routines and interests. Such advances in music data management and information retrieval techniques have crossed the boundaries of expertise from researchers to developers to professionals in the music industry. Intelligent Music Information Systems: Tools and Methodologies provides comprehensive description and analysis into the use of music information retrieval from the data management perspective, and thus provides libraries in academic, commercial, and other settings with a complete reference for multimedia system applications.

♠Book Title : The American Music Teacher
✍Author :
♛Publisher :
♣Release Date : 2007
✿Pages :
♠ISBN : UOM:39015057472782
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝The American Music Teacher SYNOPSIS :

📒Facing The Music ✍ Huib Schippers

♠Book Title : Facing the Music
✍Author : Huib Schippers
♛Publisher : Oxford University Press, USA
♣Release Date : 2010
✿Pages : 220
♠ISBN : UOM:39015084178105
♬Available Language : English, Spanish, And French

📝Facing the Music SYNOPSIS : Facing the Music investigates the practices and ideas that have grown from some five decades of cultural diversity in music education, developments in ethnomusicology, and the rise of 'world music'. Speaking from rich, hands-on experience of more than thirty years at various levels of music education (music in schools, community organizations and professional training courses), Huib Schippers makes a powerful case for the crucial role of learning music in shaping rich and diverse musical environments for the 21st century, both in practical terms and at a conceptual level: "what we hear is the product of what we believe about music." Advocating a contemporary, positive and realistic approach to cultural diversity in music education and transmission, Schippers advocates taking into account and celebrating the natural dynamics of music. He argues that "most music travels remarkably well", and regards every musical act as an expression of the 'here and now', as do many of the musicians and scholars he quotes. In this way, he challenges stifling directives to recreate 'authentic contexts', which in fact constantly change (and have always changed) in the cultures of origin as well. This liberates music educators to seek with integrity appropriate ways of presenting music at all levels of education: in schools, community settings, and professional training. In seven succinct chapters that each approach the issues from a different angle, Schippers gradually unfolds the complexities of learning and teaching music 'out of context' in an accessible manner, and presents a coherent model to approach these, as well as lucid suggestions for translating the resulting ideas in practice. While mapping the various factors that determine all acts of music transmission, he also comes to surprising insights into the nature and preconceptions underlying much formal music education settings across the world, including those focusing on western classical music. Facing the Music provides a rich resource for reflection and practice for all those involved in teaching and learning music, from policy maker to classroom teacher.