📒 Author : America's Test Kitchen
📒 Publisher : America's Test Kitchen
📒 Release Date : 2015
📒 Pages : 368
📒 ISBN : 9781940352015
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : COOKING

SYNOPSIS : A provocative, handpicked collection of relevant (and surprising) essential recipes for today's cook. We have countless recipes at our disposal today but what are the real keepers, the ones that don't just feed us when we're hungry or impress our friends on Saturday night, but inspire us to get into the kitchen? At the forefront of American cooking for more than 20 years, the editors at America's Test Kitchen have answered this question in an essential collection of recipes that you won't find anywhere else: 100 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make. Organized into three recipe sections--Absolute Essentials, Surprising Essentials, and Global Essentials--each recipe is preceded by a thought-provoking essay that positions the dish. For example, Treating Pasta Like Rice Simplifies Everything; A Covered Pot Is a Surprisingly Good Place to Roast a Chicken; and Re-imagine Pie in a Skillet to Simplify the Process. You'll find useful workday recipes like a killer tomato sauce that's almost as easy as opening a jar of the store-bought stuff; genius techniques for producing amazing flavor--try poaching chicken breasts over a garlic-and-soy- spiked brine (trust us, it's that good); and familiar favorites reinvigorated--the best beef stew comes from Spain (and it's even easier to make than the stateside stew you've been eating for years). Gorgeous photography (shot right in the test kitchen) accompanies every recipe, revealing the finished dish as well as highlights of its preparation. Likely to stir debate among anyone interested in food and cooking, 100 Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Make provides a snapshot of how we cook today and will galvanize even the most jaded cook to get into the kitchen.

📒 Author : Deborah Madison
📒 Publisher : ReadHowYouWant.com
📒 Release Date : 2011-07-28
📒 Pages : 380
📒 ISBN : 9781459620575
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category :

SYNOPSIS : WHAT WE EAT WHEN WE EAT ALONE Stories and Recipes RENOWNED VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK AUTHOR Deborah Madison set out to learn what people chew on when there isn't anyone else around. The responses are surprising-and we aren't just talking take-out or leftovers. This is food-gone-wild in its most elemental form. In a conversational tone, What We Eat When We Eat Alone explores the joys and sorrows of eating solo and gives a glimpse into the lives of everyday people and their relationships with food.The book is illustrated with the delightful art of Patrick McFarlin, and each chapter ends with recipes for those who dine alone.

📒 Author : William Sitwell
📒 Publisher : Little, Brown
📒 Release Date : 2013-06-18
📒 Pages : 360
📒 ISBN : 9780316255707
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

SYNOPSIS : A riveting narrative history of food as seen through 100 recipes, from ancient Egyptian bread to modernist cuisine. We all love to eat, and most people have a favorite ingredient or dish. But how many of us know where our much-loved recipes come from, who invented them, and how they were originally cooked? In A HISTORY OF FOOD IN 100 RECIPES, culinary expert and BBC television personality William Sitwell explores the fascinating history of cuisine from the first cookbook to the first cupcake, from the invention of the sandwich to the rise of food television. A book you can read straight through and also use in the kitchen, A HISTORY OF FOOD IN 100 RECIPES is a perfect gift for any food lover who has ever wondered about the origins of the methods and recipes we now take for granted.

📒 Author : Sara Haas
📒 Publisher : Hatherleigh Press
📒 Release Date : 2018-08-07
📒 Pages : 256
📒 ISBN : 9781578267538
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

SYNOPSIS : Make every day Taco Tuesday! Tacos are the perfect food--uniquely versatile and incredibly delicious! Taco! Taco! Taco! features 100 taco recipes that are as easy to prepare as they are to love. Who doesn't like tacos? Simple to make, tacos can be prepared in many different ways, and provide the ideal platform for tons of nourishing foods. Taco! Taco! Taco! features 100 taco recipes, each providing delicious and fun ideas for your next meal. Some recipes include: * Chicken Shawarma Tacos * Italian Meatball Tacos * BBQ Skirt Steak Tacos * Grilled Coriander Shrimp Tacos * Cumin Chickpea Tacos * Mediterranean Veggie Tacos * Sesame Bok Choy Tacos * Cinnamon French Toast Taco * S'mores Tacos * Yogurt Flatbreads, and many more! Guaranteed to be a hit at any dinner table, these flavorful tacos will have you saying, "Taco! Taco! Taco!"

📒 Author : Leanne Kitchen
📒 Publisher : Chronicle Books
📒 Release Date : 2012-11-09
📒 Pages : 272
📒 ISBN : 9781452120287
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

SYNOPSIS : Turkey's culinary customs are as rich and varied as its landscape, and award-winning food writer Leanne Kitchen does justice to them both with more than 170 glorious photographs of the country's foods and people that make readers want to drop everything and board the next plane. More than 100 recipes from across seven diverse regions—including the narrow streets of Istanbul, a fishing village on the Aegean, and the sheep-lined roads near Lake Van—showcase the best of Turkish cuisine. Comforts of the countryside and delicacies from the Ottoman Court span every course, from simple meze dishes such as spiced lentil köfte to sophisticated rose and pistachio sweetmeats for dessert. This enduring travelogue makes a perfect gift for ambitious cooks and armchair travelers alike.

📒 Author : Katie Workman
📒 Publisher : Workman Publishing
📒 Release Date : 2012-04-03
📒 Pages : 352
📒 ISBN : 9780761171249
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

SYNOPSIS : Introducing the lifesaving cookbook for every mother with kids at home—the book that solves the 20 most common cooking dilemmas. What’s your predicament: breakfast on a harried school morning? The Mom 100’s got it—Personalized Pizzas are not only fast but are nutritious, and hey, it doesn’t get any better than pizza for breakfast. Kids making noise about the same old lunch? The Mom 100’s got it—three different Turkey Wraps, plus a Wrap Blueprint delivers enough variety to last for years. Katie Workman, founding editor in chief of Cookstr.com and mother of two school-age kids, offers recipes, tips, techniques, attitude, and wisdom for staying happy in the kitchen while proudly keeping it homemade—because homemade not only tastes best, but is also better (and most economical) for you. The Mom 100 is 20 dilemmas every mom faces, with 5 solutions for each: including terrific recipes for the vegetable-averse, the salad-rejector, for the fish-o-phobe, or the overnight vegetarian convert. “Fork-in-the-Road” variations make it easy to adjust a recipe to appeal to different eaters (i.e., the kids who want bland and the adults who don’t). “What the Kids Can Do” sidebars suggest ways for kids to help make each dish.

📒 Author : Raymond Blanc
📒 Publisher : Random House
📒 Release Date : 2012-01-05
📒 Pages : 208
📒 ISBN : 9781446417508
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

SYNOPSIS : Raymond Blanc is renowned for his exquisite cuisine and here he has chosen 100 sensational, but easily achievable recipes that will wow your guests and impress your friends. From a simple, but classic French Onion Soup or Coq au Vin to the finest Roast Rib of Beef or Pork Fillet with Onion and Garlic Puree and not forgetting desserts - a perfect Black Cherry Tart or Strawberry Sorbet, this book will become the first book to turn to when you need a meal to impress, whether for a weekend banquet or weeknight feast.

📒 Author : Georgeanne Bell
📒 Publisher : Cedar Fort
📒 Release Date : 2018-02-13
📒 Pages : 160
📒 ISBN : 9781462128624
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

Make your next party favor, movie night treat, or afternoon snack a bowl to remember!Whether you like savory or sweet, discover delicious new favors including:• Sour Cream and Onion• Cheddar Bacon• Sriracha and Lime• Whole Grain• Pad Thai• Honey Mustard• Gingerbread• Strawberry Cheesecake• Sour Cherry• Country Apple Pie• Churro• Orange Cream And More!
Learn how to pop, store, and package popcorn for a crowd. Take your popcorn to the next level with 100 gourmet recipes that are sure to blow you away!Make your next party favor, movie night treat, or afternoon snack a bowl to remember!

📒 Author : Nicole Hunn
📒 Publisher : Da Capo Press
📒 Release Date : 2012-11-06
📒 Pages : 264
📒 ISBN : 9780738216096
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

SYNOPSIS : People who follow a gluten-free diet--avoiding all foods with even a trace of wheat, barley, and rye in their ingredients--don't always have the quick and cheap food options that their friends do...until now. Gluten-free guru Nicole Hunn is back with 100 new quick-prep and make-ahead recipes for dinners, yeast-free breads, baked goods, snacks, breakfasts, and more. These unique timesaving recipes take advantage of readily available gluten-free ingredients and kitchen shortcuts. Created with the busy family in mind, Hunn shares her secrets to getting a complete meal, including bread, on the table in no time flat - all without breaking the bank. Recipes include Super-Quick Cinnamon Rolls, Yeast-Free English Muffins, Easy Veggie Burgers, Weeknight Chicken Soup, Cheesecake Cookies, Make-Your-Own Yellow Cake Mix, and more.

📒 Author : Bobby Flay
📒 Publisher : Clarkson Potter
📒 Release Date : 2010-10-12
📒 Pages : 272
📒 ISBN : 9780307885432
📒 Available Language : English, Spanish, And French
📒 Category : Cooking

SYNOPSIS : Are you ready? Every week on Throwdown!, celebrity chef and restaurateur Bobby Flay goes head-to-head with cooks who have staked their claim as masters of an iconic dish—buffalo wings, chicken cacciatore, or sticky buns, for example—even though he may never have cooked these things before. The results are always entertaining—and delicious. In his first-ever cookbook collaboration with Food Network, Bobby shares the recipes and fun from his popular show. For each episode, both Bobby’s recipe and his challenger’s are included, comprising a cross-country tour of regional specialties and good-hearted competitive spirit. Travel to San Antonio for puffy tacos, Philadelphia for cheesesteaks, Harlem for fried chicken and waffles, and Charleston for coconut cake. Try both dishes to pick your favorite, or challenge friends and family to a battle of your own. Either way, you’ll find tons of fantastic flavors in this best-of-the-best book from the first seven seasons of Throwdown!. The ultimate companion cookbook to one of America’s favorite food shows, Bobby Flay’s Throwdown! lets home cooks and fans in on the action, featuring favorite Throwdown! moments and behind-the-scenes peeks alongside beautiful, all-new color food photography created just for this book. So if Bobby Flay ever strolls into your backyard asking “Are you ready for a Throwdown?” you definitely will be! From the Hardcover edition.